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Mothers Milk Bank is Making Breast Milk Available to as Many Families as Possible!

Become a Donor

Breast milk donation fulfills an important role in keeping babies healthy and thriving. YOU can save a life by donating your breast milk to the Mothers’ Milk Bank in San Jose. It is EASY as 1,2,3!

1. Call our toll free phone number 1-877-375-6645 for a quick interview.

2. Complete and return the donor packet. All information is confidential.

3. A free lab slip is given for the required blood tests.

We are currently accepting a minimum of 200 ounces and milk stored up to 4 months from the day of expression.


Once approved, you can continue to donate throughout your Lactation phase.

For Spanish please call 877-375-6645 (Option 4)

English brochure: Have you Considered Donating your Breastmilk?
Spanish brochure: Has Pensado en Donar tu Leche?

To request printed copies please email us.

We appreciate moms who are donating their frozen breast milk for the babies we serve. We do NOT ENDORSE sharing or selling of human milk outside of HMBANA/Mothers’ Milk Bank’s guidelines NOR ENSURE donors’ breast milk, who complete their initial screening with us, is SAFE. The processing of your Milk will include pasteurizing and bacterial testing for human consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions


We follow American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) guidelines and Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA) guidelines. We screen to confirm:

  • Donors are in good health
  • Medication and herbal vitamin use – some medications are approved. Contact us for more information
  • Willing to undergo blood test- free of charge for the donor
  • Able to donate at least 100 oz collected within a 6 month period of time


Your application process starts when you are able to take the phone screening and turn in your donor packet. Normal processing time is 2-4 weeks. Don’t wait! Start the process today!


As the only nonprofit milk bank in California, we won’t sell your donated milk to pharmaceutical companies. We make sure that your milk feeds babies who are in need. That’s why we’re here!


To store your breast milk, use clean techniques. HMBANA guidelines suggest: Following the manufacturer’s directions to keep your breast pump clean and operational.

  • When you express your milk to donate, freeze the milk as soon as possible, date the container, and add your donor ID number to the outside of the container.
  • Use a breast milk bag or breast milk storage container. It must be sealed and frozen. Glass containers and plastic bottles are fine as long as they are cleaned after every use.


Once approved, we are able to mail you the prepaid shipping materials. Or you can drop off at your nearest milk depot location. https://www.mothersmilk.org/donate-milk


In 2017, The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) stated in their report “Donor Human Milk for the High-Risk Infant: Preparation, Safety, and Usage Options in the United States” that: “(HMBANA) Donor milk banks represent a safe and effective approach to obtaining, pasteurizing, and dispensing human milk for use in NICUs and other settings.

LINK: https://www.hmbana.org/our-work/milk-processing-safety.html


We offer Breast Pumps through Insurance, for Personal Purchase or Hospital Grade Rentals see more under our Breast Pump Supplies

Collection Centers

Once you are an approved donor (with a donor number) you can drop off your milk at
one of our Collection Centers.

Please call the Collection Center before to confirm drop off hours and availability:

  1. Las Vegas Urban League WIC

    3320 E. Flamingo Rd., Ste 50 Las Vegas, NV 89121

  2. Midtown Lactation Consultants Clinic (MILC)
    2025 P Street, Sacramento, CA 95811
  3. Simply Mama
    2705 McMillian Ave STE#130, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
  4. Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital
    23861 McBean Parkway STE#B-14, Valencia, CA 91355
  5. Antelope Valley Hospital WIC program
    1600 W. Avenue J, Lancaster, CA 93534
  6. Sharp Mary Birch New Beginning Boutique
    3003 Health Center Drive, San Diego, CA 92123
  7. Citrus Valley Medical Center
    1115 S. Sunset Avenue, West Covina, CA 91790
  8. Eisner Health Systems
    1513 S. Grand Avenue STE#220-250, Los Angeles, CA 90015
    213-747-5542 ext 3506
  9. The Nest & Co.
    4208 Rosedale Highway, Suite 202 Bakersfield, CA 93308

If there is not a Collection Center in your area, we can send shipping material directly to
your home. All shipping costs are covered by the Mothers’ Milk Bank.

For more information on becoming a Collection Center for Mothers’ Milk Bank, please
call 877-375-6645: option 4 

1887 Monterey Road, Suite 105-110, San Jose, CA 95112