Mothers Milk Bank is Making Breast Milk Available to as Many Families as Possible!

Milk Bank Processes

At Mothers’ Milk Bank, our processing method is aligned with the guidelines developed by the Human Milk Banking Association of North America which governs non-profit milk banks. We comply with tissue banking and FDA food processing requirements. Mothers’ Milk Bank is one of the oldest non-profit milk bank in the United States. If you have any questions regarding our screening or processing, please contact Mothers’ Milk Bank at 877-375-6645.


We package all milk from Mothers’ Milk Bank in tamper-proof sealed glass bottles. In addition to the donor human milk, each package includes: • Instructions on thawing, storing, and using the milk • An invoice for the processing of the milk, shipping and handling charges (payable to Mothers’ Milk Bank) • A FedEx Ground mailing slip to use when you are ready to return the empty cooler • All the donor human milk supplied to you has been pasteurized or heat treated, bacterial tested and then frozen


Place all bottles in the rear of the freezer where it’s cold enough to keep ice cream firm. In the hospital, the freezer should register -20° C (-4°F). Keep milk away from the door where the temperature changes.


We recommend using donor human milk within 48 hours of thawing. For optimal defrosting, place the frozen bottle in the refrigerator for an overnight slow thaw. To thaw quickly, put the bottle in a container of warm water (not to exceed 37°C/98°F). Take care to keep the water below the lid to avoid the possibility of seepage and contamination. Whatever you do, do not microwave donor milk.

Paying for Your Order

Our processing fee is $15.00 per 4-ounce bottle for hospitals and outpatient recipients and $9.50 per 2-ounce bottle for hospitals only. Shipping charges are additional. Not all insurance or Medi-Cal patients will be eligible for coverage or reimbursement. Each patient’s reimbursement or coverage will be determined on a case by case basis. The Mothers’ Milk Bank will work with the family and physician to get reimbursement or coverage. It is expected that the family will pay for the milk if the insurance will not cover the cost. Mothers’ Milk Bank is actively advocating for policies to ensure that all insurance companies cover donor milk for families who need it. To find out if your insurance covers this cost, call your provider. The Milk Bank will gladly offer extra support for this matter upon request.

Donor Criteria and Approval

We approve healthy lactating women as donors using a specialized clinical review for infants and human milk. Some exclusions and temporary disqualifications include certain medications, chronic diseases, and risk behaviors for communicable diseases. During the screening process, these specific risks are discussed and evaluated. Both the moms’ and babies’ doctors are notified that the mother wants to become a donor.

All donors are tested for HIV, HTLV, RPR, and Hepatitis B and C.

English brochures:

Lactation Support after the Loss of your Baby

Have you Considered Donating your Breastmilk?

Donor Milk Recipient Brochure

Spanish brochures:

Has Pensado en Donar tu Leche?

Apoyo a la Lactancia Después de la Pérdida de su Bebé

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