Date: June 25, 2020

Are you lactating? Do you have extra frozen breast milk you can donate? Your breast milk benefits vulnerable babies.
If you answered YES to either question, please call 1-877-375-6645 and press 3 for donor services (or 4 for Spanish) or email:, to start the screening process today!

You can support this Virtual Breast Milk Drive from the convenience of your home.

Steps to donate: 1. Pre-screen by phone or email* 2. Then complete and return the donor packet as soon as possible 3. Upon approval, we will contact you to provide you with a cooler and instructions on how to send your milk to Mothers’ Milk Bank, located in San Jose.

Frozen and stored milk: We will accept frozen breast milk expressed prior to screening as long as it has not been frozen for longer than 6 months.

For information about Mother’s Milk Bank or donating breast milk, visit:

*Donor exclusion: Some exclusions and temporary disqualifications include certain medications, chronic diseases and risky behaviors for communicable diseases. During the screening process, these risks are discussed & evaluated. All donors are tested for HIV, HTLV, RPR, and Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.