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lw, m, 0k, xh, In honor of World Day of Human Milk Donation - Mother's Milk Bank

World Day of Human Milk Donation – On May 19, 2020 milk banks healthcare professionals and families from more than 35 countries have come together to create a giant online photo mosaic containing inspirational messages from around the world to celebrate the day. Thank you to all milk donors for your gift of donor milk which saves babies’ lives and supports parents to breastfeed! #EveryDropMakesaDifference.

Please join us in celebrating by sharing this photo album and short video introducing World Day of Human Milk Donation 2020. You can also change your Facebook profile picture to the custom Avatar image. Search for the frame by entering the frame name: “World Day of Human Milk Donation.”

https://youtu.be/aaZ4BN5579w and https://online.fliphtml5.com/coeig/lbqk/