Mothers Milk Bank is Making Breast Milk Available to as Many Families as Possible!

Become a Breast Milk Donor

Breast milk donation fulfills an important role in keeping babies healthy and thriving. YOU can save a life by donating your breast milk to the Mothers’ Milk Bank in San Jose. If you have a minimum of 100 ounces, we accept donors from all of California and across the United States.

The process to become a donor consists of the following steps:

INITIAL SCREENING: Complete the initial screening questionnaire. Once you submit this form, a Donor Services Coordinator will reach out to you.
PHONE SCREEN:  We start with a short phone interview, during which you will be asked questions about your general health, medication/supplement use, and overall breastfeeding experience (we can complete the screenings in English, Spanish, or Vietnamese)
COMPLETION OF DONOR PACKET:  The next step is sharing more details about your medical history and lifestyle as well as signing medical consent forms.
BLOOD WORK:  The final step in the screening process is to complete blood work. The Milk Bank will coordinate and pay for your blood work.

There is no cost to be a donor. All fees including blood work and shipping are covered by the Mothers’ Milk Bank. We can provide free milk storage bags for your convenience when requested. We provide free shipping containers to ship donated milk directly to the milk bank, and we can provide free milk storage bags for your convenience when requested.


We are currently accepting a minimum of 100 ounces of milk and up to 6 months from the day of expression. Please contact us when you already have the minimum ounces required ready to donate

We appreciate moms who are donating their frozen breast milk for the babies we serve. We do NOT ENDORSE sharing or selling of human milk outside of HMBANA/Mothers’ Milk Bank Standards, NOR ENSURE donors’ breast milk, who compete their initial screening with us, is SAFE. The processing of our Milk will include pasteurizing and bacterial testing for human consumption.

Questions? Please contact us at donate@mothersmilk.org or at 1-877-375-6645, Ext. 3.

1887 Monterey Road, Suite 105-110, San Jose, CA 95112