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  • Bay Area babies on hold for mothers’ milk may receive holiday boost through national BabyCenter feature


    Infants who rely on donated breast milk through the non-profit Mothers’ Milk Bank, may get some respite from the acute shortages that have plagued the bank for the past 24 months. The milk bank will be featured this week in a series on the mondo online portal, BabyCenter which reaches 34 million moms.

    “We are excited to tell the story of service to the most vulnerable infants in a way we never have before,” explained Pauline Sakamoto, Executive Director of the Mothers’ Milk Bank located in San Jose. “BabyCenter dispatched a photographer to follow a day in the life of a milk donation, all the way from the moment it was pumped by one of our moms in Washington state, through the process of testing and pasteurizing and on to vulnerable infants in Bay Area hospitals who were waiting for their next meal.”

    The story features a mom donating milk which is then processed by the Mothers’ Milk Bank in San Jose and delivered to four babies in Neonatal Intensive Care in Berkeley’s Alta Bates Medical Center and UCSF.

    The Surgeon General, along with most major national maternal and child health associations, now recommend mothers’ milk as the nutrition of choice, especially for prematurely born infants.

    Non-profit milk banks receive donations from throughout the US and have service available to every city. They fill physicians’ prescriptions ensuring donations reach preterm infants who are failing to thrive without it.

    The Mothers’ Milk Bank safely processes donor milk from most of the Western US and distributes it to the infants whose own mothers cannot nurse them. Nursing mothers can call the Milk Bank to find out more at 877-375-6645, connect on http://www.facebook.com/freshestmilk; or find us online at www.mothersmilk.org.

    Please contact the Mothers’ Milk Bank for access to recipient and donor families as well as to the San Jose-based milk processing center.

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