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    Mothers’ Milk Bank provides donor milk to premature infants failing to thrive. Mothers’ Milk Bank in San Jose California is a charter member of the Human Milk Banking Association of North America and was established in 1974 as San Jose Mothers’ Milk Bank in response to the need to provide donor milk to premature infants failing to thrive. We provide prescription donor human milk to 93 hospitals and hundreds of families in 13 states.


    We are so grateful to all the mothers willing to donate breast milk to help infants by providing this precious resource to both hospital infant ICUs and private families whose infants are prescribed breast milk. Their efforts have saved thousands of lives and we strive every year to help the infants that need donor milk most.


    Mothers’ Milk Bank is licensed by the State Department of Health in California and the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Office of Health Care Quality as a Tissue Bank. The Mothers’ Milk Bank in San Jose is registered by the FDA to provide donor milk. As a charter member of HMBANA, our procedures are considered the standard of safety to protect donor mother and baby recipients.

    Passing on Mothers Love to Infants

    In 2013, Mothers’ Milk Bank distributed over 570,000 oz. of donor milk to preterm infants and children unable to digest other sources of nutrition. Donors from many states continue to support our effort to answer the call from babies who need donor milk to survive and supply enough donor milk to feed premature infants in hospitals.


    Research continues to support the benefits of breast feeding. Demand continues to rise for breast milk as physicians and families recognize that breast milk not only helps babies get the best nutrition while their mothers are supported to breastfeed successfully, but it also provides critical antibodies and anti-bacterial benefits to infants. This is especially critical for premature babies and critically ill children which desperately need breast milk that may not be available to them from their mother.


    Donor human milk from the San Jose Mothers Milk Bank is the bridge to help both mothers and children start a healthy beginning.


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